Quality Policy

Through the guidelines defined in the Quality Management System, NAMPULA S.L. assumes a commitment to continuous improvement of its performance, based on the following guidelines:

1.- To assure the satisfaction of our clients fulfilling the demandable requisites, to fulfill with the applicable legislation and regulation, as well as with the requirements assumed by the organization, so that a correct and respectful management with the environment and with the quality is guaranteed. .

2.- To work for innovation and learn to master the management and operational processes in the continuous improvement system.

3.- Encourage participation and involve all interested parts in the organization to participate in the Management System implemented to improve the quality and protection of the environment; giving confidence to the interested parts and satisfying their needs.

4.- To reduce the environmental impacts associated with the activity developed by the organization through recycling, reducing energy and paper comsuption.

5.- To work to be a socially responsible company, in accordance with current regulations.

6.- To communicate the objectives of quality and environment to the staff of Nampula S.L. for its correct compliance.

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