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BALCARE is a new line of thermal and ecological cosmetics, that has its origin in the mineral-medicinal waters of El Raposo Spa, whose composition remains intact as it emerges from the spring, being these waters rich in minerals such as calcium, bicarbonate and magnesium.

The BALCARE cosmetic line is made with ecological and natural raw materials of first quality. These characteristics make BALCARE an exclusive and pioneering cosmetic line in its sector. That ensures that the composition of all its cosmetics has a minimum of 95% of natural raw materials of vegetable or mineral origin, and it does not contain parabens, nor substances occlusive for the skin, nor components of animal origin.

BALCARE includes a wide range of products ranging from facial care and body hygiene, to the care of specific areas such as eyes, feet and hands, or wellness products such as the thermal effect balm or the cold anti-cellulite gel.

Balcare contains an exclusive formulation that minimizes the risks of intolerances and allergies, making it suitable for all skin types and ages.
We also have in Balcare a line of artisanal thermal soaps  that are made with selected raw materials, and under strict quality controls. The thermal water from the El Raposo spa, its thermal mud, and plants from the ecological crops of El Raposo Spa are also used for its manufacture.

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