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Paula de las Llanderas, the feminine gaze of BALCARE Cosmetics

BALCARE Cosmetics is an Extremaduran family business of ecological cosmetics, which arose by adding the synergies of the aromatic plants that grow in the surroundings of the El Raposo Spa and its mineral-medicinal water, to create a series of BIO cosmetic products, certified with ECOCERT, that respect the environment and that add value to their customers.

On this March 8, we want to recognize the work of the woman behind BALCARE, Paula de las Llanderas, Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, Master in Marketing Management and Expert in creation and commercialization of tourist experiences, she is the person who she is working daily at BALCARE Cosmetics.

For the General Director, Ignacio Cortés, it is very important to bet on business equality, because only in this way can we work for real equality.

Paula, she emphasizes that when she started in the world of work, BALCARE Cosmetics gave her the opportunity to work in a very dynamic sector with expectations for the future.

She acknowledges that “what motivates me the most when working at BALCARE is being able to dedicate myself to what I’m really passionate about, which is the world of cosmetics, and being able to continue training in this sector with great growth potential. My personal interest in the world of cosmetics is mainly due to being a direct consumer of this type of product, so being informed about the new trends that are emerging in the market is something that attracts me a lot ”, she highlighted.

Paula represents the women of the millennial generation, committed, multifaceted and develops functions that range from the administration of the company, such as commercial and marketing functions, providing a global vision of all aspects of the company.

The figure of women in organic cosmetics is very important, a sector on the rise that must include 100% of the population, so that women have an opportunity for employment and development within this labor market.

Paula is not only the smile behind the phone or behind the email or chat screen, she has enough experience to be able to provide advice in the sector, since she has been training within the company since she started working in 2,019. This training has been aimed at improving her knowledge of organic cosmetics in order to offer an optimal customer experience.

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