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BALCARE Cosmetics Tea Tree Oil Solid Soap, an ally against Covid-19

BALCARE Cosmetics Thermal Soap, made with mineral-medicinal water and Tea Tree oil, has become a perfect ally in the fight against Covid-19. Its antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties make it a natural disinfectant that respects the skin and the environment.

Hand washing is one of the most effective methods, along with the use of a mask, for the prevention of Covid-19; Our Solid Soap, with Tea Tree oil, becomes a natural antiseptic and disinfectant option that reinforces and complements sanitary hygiene measures in the fight for the prevention of coronavirus.

To collaborate in the fight against Covid-19, BALCARE Cosmetics is going to start a promotional campaign, during the month of March, of the Solid Tea Tree Soap, with significant discounts for its customers. Thus, a natural product is promoted, which avoids the use of chemicals that can damage the skin of the hands, so exposed in times of pandemic.

BALCARE Cosmetics is a young company, socially and environmentally committed and located in the El Raposo Spa.

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