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BALCARE Cosmetics recommends good skin hydration to mitigate the effects of using the mask

A hydrated skin is the basis of good facial health, especially in times where by the continued use of masks it is exposed to scratches and small skin eruptions due to being covered for many hours a day.

Among the most common problems after use is irritative dermatitis that can cause itching, redness, inflammation and flaking in areas of friction or grip.

The most affected areas of the face are the cheeks and cheekbones, the nose and the holding area behind the ears, although the eye contour should not be neglected, where inflammation of the eyelids can appear.

The skin in these times is rougher and with the use of masks it neither breathes nor regenerates properly, therefore a good hydration with nourishing creams, the use of Serum in the most affected areas, hydration in the eye contour and hydration extreme in the hands, they become allies in the fight against COVID.

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