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BALCARE Cosmetics celebrates Mother’s Day

BALCARE Cosmetics celebrates Mother’s Day, to recognize the role that mothers play every day and to alleviate the effects of poor work and family reconciliation, especially in times of pandemic, who have been the ones who have borne all the weight.
To celebrate this, BALCARE Cosmetics, for the purchase of the “Special Mom” gift box, will give away a 30-minute thermal circuit. at the El Raposo Spa.
“We are aware of the great sacrifice they have had to make, they have had to be mothers, teachers, playmates and many times teleworking”, highlights the General Director, Ignacio Cortés. For this reason, they want to compensate and make visible the great work they have done during the year marked by COVID-19 by giving away a thermal circuit for the purchase of the “Special Mom” gift box.

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