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1388 / 5000 Resultados de traducción BALCARE Cosmetics achieves the ECOCERT COSMOS Organic certification for the 5th consecutive year

BALCARE Cosmetics is an Extremaduran company of organic cosmetics certified with the ECOCERT COSMOS Organic certification.

The company arose by adding the potentialities of aromatic and medicinal plants, produced in the El Raposo Spa itself and its mineral-medicinal water, to create a series of cosmetic products that respect the Environment and also add value to the person who uses them. .

BALCARE Cosmetics has managed to obtain the ECOCERT certification for the 5th consecutive year, a recognition that has been held uninterruptedly since the birth of the company in January 2.017.

ECOCERT is a certification company that ensures that the cosmetics that have its seal are BIO cosmetics. A certification that guarantees and promotes the best practices respectful with the Environment and with Social Awareness.

The General Director of BALCARE Cosmetics, Ignacio Cortés, highlights the importance of obtaining this certification, an indispensable seal in the commercialization of organic cosmetics and which is one more tool that generates greater consumer confidence, since it has all the security of that ecological products are respectful with the environment, offering quality cosmetics that are socially committed.

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